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Specialist for Orangutan Tours Borneo, Kalimantan Jungle Trekking & Orangutan Tours to Dayak Village

"Warmest greeting from Indonesia" is online marketing to promote Orangutan Tours Borneo, Kalimantan Jungle Trekking, Borneo Orangutan and River Eco Tours in Tanjung Puting National Park of Pangkalan Bun in Central Borneo or Kalimantan including adventure trip to Dayak Village. 

We will lead you to explore Kalimantan or Borneo where this area is rich with many fascinating and endemic wildlife, such as the orangutans, proboscis monkeys, gibbons and species of monkeys, Argus pheasants, snakes including the three species of flying snakes, sun bears, 600 hundred species of birds including the hornbills which play an important role in the Dayak mythology. Our experienced and naturalist guide will make you understand about everything you want to know about Orangutan Tours in Kalimantan or Borneo Rain Forest and all creatures live in it and the cultures of the Dayak Tribes.

We are local and official a tour operator (WISATA ALAM INDONESIA TOUR SERVICES) with depth knowledge and will lead you to come to Borneo/Kalimanatn to enjoy real orangutan tours, jungle tekking, river eco tours and borneo dayak adventure trip. We have been spending many years to involve directly with wildlife and cultures in Borneo or Kalimantan. The tour packages are designed for many different types of peoples and it is packed in different adventures level. From very soft adventure such as boating up the river for orangutan tour and dayak mahakam river experience to the challenging adventure trip of a cross borneo.

We follow responsible travel guidelines which are designed to prevent business impact as little damage as possible to the area, where we have been operating, and exploring. Minimizing negative effects on environment and social, but also have positive impact to community. More than that, we actively seek to provide benefits to the environment and local peoples. This means that as more common practices like, for example, reducing and recycling waste, plant the tree's, save the water and protect the rainforest through the campaigns to everybody who was involve in tourism industries. We recruits staff locally in order to ensure that the local economy also gains from tourist revenue. We were supported by professional staff who educated and experienced in tourism industries to make us able to provide excellent services for you as our clients.

There are different options that we can offer orangutan tours package for visiting natural habitat of orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park of Pangkalan Bun in Central Borneo and the different Orangutan tours durations are from (orangutan tours borneo 3days), (orangutan tours borneo 4days) till to (orangutan tours borneo 5days). This duration depending on your budget and time constraints. Baed on flight schedule to reach Pangkalan Bun airport, all of the Orangutan Tours of Borneo can be started from Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Bali and where you are in Indonesia or even Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Once you arrive in Borneo you will be transferred via a river motorized Boat or Klotok then boating up the coast and away from reality into the jungle where you will take the river upstream and take in not only the wildlife, culture and beauty but also its deep tranquility. In the peaceful afternoon of rainforest, we will cruise up the river by boat to observe any kind of wild animals who living in the middle of rain forest while you enjoy cup of coffee or tea on Boat. Prosboscis Monkeys, Birds, Macaques, Gibbons and other animals will greet you with sweetest. Please join with us to get this magical trip and feel natural environment of rainforest borneo.

Since we have representative office in Java & Komodo Island. So except Borneo Orangutan Tours Package in Pangkalan Bun, we can also to arrange your trip to Java & Komodo Island such as for: Mount Bromo Tours - Ijen Crater Trekking & Komodo Island Tours Program. 

For consideration of our service please find the testimonial from our past clients and try to join with us for your best eco trip in Indonesia

"Best regards and have a nice trip in Indonesia" 


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